Yawing through to Yukon: Fairbanks to Dawson City

Selfie Dawson City

Now sitting outside a hotel in Dawson City, the only place here with reliable free internet. This town is hilarious and wonderful and confusing. It’s like an old west town with dirt streets and classic old west buildings, but modernized to make it a tourist destination (and the prices to match).

(photo of town)

The riding has been quite varied over the last week. I left Fairbanks to ride the 225 miles to a small highway junction town called Tok. I hit cold rain most of the way. I was riding on a 2 lane paved highway, the AlCan (Alaska Canada Highway) which is generally pretty straight and in this section not particularly scenic. Basically, not inspiring or fun. No pics of this section as I just wanted to get through it.

From Tok however, I took the long way. Riding North again along the Taylor Highway, the road climbed up to the crest of the mountains, shooting up ad diving down steep hills the whole way.


The first evening riding on the Taylor, I arrived in a wonderful little town in the middle of nowhere, called Chicken.


Not much to the town, a quirkily little place with a yearly bluegrass festival (I was a week late) called ChickenStock. The owner of the one restaurant was named Chicken Sue and pointed me to the basic town info written on the wall:

DSC01294I loved this.

DSC01295And this.

DSC01296A cute little dog walked up to me, then crashed out on some wood. Evidently this dog was diabetic. I was not to feed it. 


From Chicken, I pulled out of town to ride toward the Canadian border on the most beautiful stretch of road I’ve ridden thus far, the Top top of the World Highway. Sorry, but I was too amazed to stop and take many pictures. This quiet dirt road winded from peak to peak, staying at the top of all the mountains, zooming down into the valleys between. As it turned out this road led through the Canadian Border to my next destination town of Dawson City. Luckily the border crossing closed each night at 8pm, so I had two wonderful evenings of travel on a desolate road with NO cars. It was delicious. 

I reached the Canadian border and caught up with a couple of other riders at the crest of the hill. Extremely high winds and cold temperatures led to getting through that border as quickly as possible!



DSC01311Highest US/foreign border crossing, at about 4300’. Helluvah Climb up to it!!

DSC01310Definitely a bit cold up there.

DSC01316Beautiful valleys with bigger peaks in the distance the following day.

DSC01321Finally, after 15,000 feet of climbing since the town of Tok, I made it to the final descent into Dawson City, a steep, 10 mile drop down to the Yukon River. 

DSC01320The welcome sigh outside of town. I am entertained by those fake front buildings… they let you know you’re entering a touristy place!


Dropping into Dawson City, there is a 3 minute ferry ride to cross the Yukon. It was a cute little 4 car boat, and really fun to be out on the Yukon River.

It’s now 1pm and I need to stop writing this post and hit the road!! I’m trying to get to Whitehorse which is 330 miles from here, in the next 3 1/2 days. There is a 24 hour relay race on great mountain bike trail over there on Saturday (it’s Tuesday now), and I think I can make it. The adventure continues!

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