Tons headed to Tierra

Wow. So many bikers, and quite a few headed for the long haul to Argentina!

After leaving Fairbanks, I ran into Andrew and Matt Sufficool. Two brothers from Florida who are taking a year to get to Ushuaia, Argentina (very auspicious speed in my opinion, I hope they make it!)


We rode together off and on for a day, then camped together the next night by a beautiful river. They are moving at a similar speed to me, so I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more of them in the coming months…

The next morning we saw these two who’d camped just around the bend:


I didn’t catch their names, but they are riding to Florida with their dog in tow in that little trailer. I so deeply wish my pup could handle such a thing, but she’d be jumping out every chance she’d get. Still, beautiful to see the range of ways people find to live on bikes for extended periods of time!

Camped with them was this woman, Ray. She’s been traveling around Alaska by bike for a couple of months I believe.


She travels a short distance every day and takes long rests in beautiful places. She planned to stay in Denali for 3 days and ended up there for 20! Inspiring to see someone interpret the whole bike tourism thing in the opposite way as I’ve been doing it thus far: really playing with distance and speed of travel. Our short conversation was deeply connected, and I was really moved to stop and appreciate the little things when the option arises. Funny how people show up in our lives like angels to tell us what we need to hear at just the right moment.

Later that day, I met these two from Austria. Finally, someone carrying MUCH more than I am!! I seriously could not lift this guy’s bike. They are headed to Argentina as well, and I had the privilege to introduce them to the illustrious Pop Tart!


We camped together in Tok, Alaska in a private campground, surrounded by a crown of Cambodians from Anchorage and beyond who were near Tok harvesting Morel mushrooms. Funny the people you meet out on the road!

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