What are you DOING?

I’m attempting to circumnavigate the world by bike. My focus along the way is on generosity, both given and received. I will be searching for ways to offer my help to those in need through treating chronic and acute injuries with bodywork, through lending an open ear with a present heart, and any other means I have to help. I will be writing about and photographing these and experiences with the hope of publishing this work at some point in the future.

Why are you doing THIS?

The three things I love most in life are: Deeply connecting with people about the complex experience of being human, being in the simplicity of the wilderness, and riding bikes. I am experimenting with this one short life I have to see if I can survive for a while just doing what I feel I’m most meant to do,  without any distraction. I considered raising money for a typical charity as many others have suggested. I could not truly and deeply get behind any one that was something I wanted to dedicated this journey to. But generosity… what a wealth of exploration can happen with that word. I guess I am trying to solve the riddle of how to be most selfish and self-LESS at the same time.

How long will you be out there?

Honestly, as long as it takes. Given that I’m following a dream and a passion that is not about finishing or reaching a particular goal, I hope to be out there as long as I need to before the next clear path presents itself. It may be a few months, it may be a few years, it may be until I inhale my last breath. I don’t know how far I’ll get or how long this will take, but I am excited to find out…