Disorderly Conduct

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It’s been nearly a month since I’ve written a post on this site. I feel tense about it, knowing that many people have contributed to my journey in many ways and I want to do my part to share the experience. For a couple of weeks I had an excuse that my computer wasn’t working. Then I just fell off of the wagon.  I know that self-criticism about not writing doesn’t inspire creativity, and want my words to come from a place of ease and honesty. So I’m pushing through the resistance and inertia to see what’s possible on the other side of it. I have given myself amnesty for the time being about how this will go. I’ll write as much as I can when I feel it’s the right time. One of the barriers to writing lately is having so many experiences to share, accumulating more every day. I get to feeling I’m too far behind to catch up! So, I’ll be filling in the gaps of the experience out of order, based on what my heart is most connected to in the moment I sit before my keyboard. 

The feeling and intention behind my journey is shifting lately. As many know, I started out with the focus on generosity and random acts of kindness. While this is still a strong current within the flow of my experience, it does not feel genuine to have it be the ‘title’ under which I write. I am realizing that what breathes life into my body and heart is the quality of deep human connection, in all its forms. While generosity is one fantastic means of connecting, there are others that feel as important. I’m therefore widening the aperture of my explorations both out on the road and in my writing in order to reflect this. Perhaps it’s not important for me to share the nature of this shift and why it’s so significant to me, but somehow it feels that emotional transparency is an essential part of this journey. I hope to reflect that in my written words. 

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