My name’s Scott Pauker.


The course of my life has taken many different routes, from AfroCuban percussionist, potter, bartender, bouncy castle technician (seriously), psychology student, and structural massage therapist among others.


All the while one thing has remained the same: I-Love-Bikes! As far as I can recall, I’ve always loved being on any bike I could, specifically riding long distances unnecessarily. Growing up in the Suburbs of Boston I would ride into my high school downtown through the snow and cold of Winter. I later rode in the from SF to LA in the AidsRide to raise money for those suffering from HIV and AIDS, and began seeking out long distance supported bike rides throughout the West coast.  Upon moving to Seattle I continued to develop my passion for riding, combining my love of wilderness to culminate in my first long distance tour last Summer: a 5500 mile on- and off-road ride that included the Continental Divide Trail. I would take many detours from the route (some over 200 miles) just to explore and see where they would lead. Since returning, I couldn’t seem to stop riding. Then I started asking myself: Why should I STOP??


So What NOW?


As a result of this passion being now fully realized, I’ve decided to close up my business Seattle and hit the road, living simply off of my bike with the intention of circumnavigating the globe over the next few years. I’m preferencing off-road and singletrack routes all the way. My purpose along the way is to offer and chronicle acts of generosity, both those I give and those I receive. One of the most inspiring aspects of bicycle and wilderness travel is how generous people are along the way, and how rewarding it is to pay that kindness forward to others in need when they are least expecting it. So I will focus my lens on being helpful at every possible moment, offering all the tools I have to give.