Terminating on Tierra del Fuego: A Final Foray…

3/24/2017. Punta Arenas, Chile. And so I stood, once again looking across a large waterway and the similarly immense changes that lay beyond it. In about 1 weeks time, I will have traversed Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego to … Read More

Sandy Sideroute: A Short Plot to Punta Arenas

 3/21/2017. Puerto Natales, Chilean Patagonia.  Spring equinox has arrived. So interesting on these globally relevant dates to reflect upon where I’ve been. I decided to compile a list of my locations during equinoxes and solstices. Interesting to see the trajectory … Read More

The Path to Paine: A Tumultuous Trial to the Torres

3/15/2017. El Calafate, Argentina.  The next week’s travel carried me through some of the most stunning places on earth: Paso Verlika: A raw and rugged hiking route requiring 2 illegal border crossings (my 11th and 12th crossings between Chile and … Read More

Prepossessing Patagonia: Fjords, Rivers, Lakes, and Fitzroy!

3/5/2017. Cochrane, Chile. After riding Paso Roballos, a restful recovery night was well-earned. Now to continue onward, back on the Carretera Austral to it’s terminus in Villa O’Higgins, a few ferry crossings and some trail riding would hopefully bring me … Read More

Rolling over Paso Roballos: Coyhaique to Cochrane

3/1/2017. Coyhaique, Chile. Having replaced my eviscerated bottom bracket in Coyhaique and taken a day of rest, I was ready and raring to roll. Following the suggestions of a Campbell and a couple other pedaling peers I decided to peel … Read More